Knowing information is your basic right                         

        Act No. 12 of 2016 Information Rights Act  (PDF - 144KB)

You have the right to receive information.


While the Assistant Divisional Secretary functions as Information Officer.

Divisional secretary will act as the appeal officer.


 Information Officer - Assistant Divisional Secretary

Telephone No – 0324 934 335

            Applications to be Submitted-  RTI 1  Submitting the application for information

                                                                                     To get information  RTI 01 (English)


Appeal Officer - Divisional Secretary

 Telephone No – 0324 934 334

       Applications to be Submitted-  RTI 10 Application for Appeal Application

                                                                                            For appeals  RTI 10 (English)


For More Details Please Log in to Right To Information - Sri Lanka


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