Our Vision

    The Best From Arachchikattuwa


  Our Mission

Conformity with the policies of the goverment providing services

efficiently in co - ordinating the resources and

proper planning to raise the standard of living of the people.



History of Arachchikattuwa Divisional Secretariat

History of Arachchikattuwa Divisional Secretariat is back to 12 th Century. As it is mention in chronicles first settlements of this area was developed near ancient Jajjara Nadiya or Daduru Oya and then there are Developmnets in irrigation and agriculture in nearby area of Rathabala Oya and Sengal Oya. Historical facts of this area are specially reported in chronicles related to Great King Parakramabahu. It is mentioned that both Sinhala and Tamil Communities lived together in this area.

This office was established as Arachchikattuwa Divisional Secretariat in 1917 during the period of Puttalam Diatrict Governor Mr.Punchihewa by renting the house of Mr.Benedict who was an agriculture officer of this area. At that time office staff consists of 5 staff members and Divisional Revenue Officer Mr. John Perera bacame first head of the office. Then this office which was funtioning at the rented house was re - established in a shop which was in the raw shops in front of Arachchikattuwa Pradedhiya Sabha.

Now this office is established in a government owned teak planted land. Front building of the office was built laying the foundation stone in 1964 by former Puttalam District Parliamentarian of governing Sri Lanka freedom Party at that time late Mr.S.D.R. Jayarathna was opened in 1992. A breath taking three storied building was now completed. Until now government servants of this office had done their duties with so many difficulties and lack of facilities for the development of the Division.

Divisional Secretaries from the year 1972

Name                      From               
Mr.John Perera
Mr.W.M.Premaratna  1978   1992 
Mr.N.G.K.Nelumdeniya                  1993  1995
Mr.W.J.Lowe  1996  1996
Mr.Arnast Perera  1996  1996
Mr.N.A.A.Pushpakumara  1996  1997
Mr.H.M.Somathilaka  1998  2002
Mr.M.C.Fernando  2003  2006
Mr.D.Soorasingha  2007
Mr.S.M.L.Chandrasiri (Acting)
Mr.P.D.A. Gunarathne (Acting)
   2016.  03.  16
Mr.W.R.A.N.S.Wijayasinghe            2016.  03.  17  2020.  11.  18
Mrs.W. A. S. C. G. Janza (Acting) 2020.  11.  19  

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indipendance day

indipendance day

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